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Rena, a twice-married photographer who focuses on infrared thoughts, travels to Tuscany together with her father and his moment spouse. because the journey progresses, in an inner discussion together with her psychological double, Rena submits her previous to publicity. utilizing darkish room innovations she reevaluates her explosive sexual coming of age, her relationships along with her father and numerous fanatics.

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“Según l. a. autora, el primer paso de una romántica y tierna es que debe aprender a decir: NO. Es decir, se debe dejar de lado los angeles actitud geisha y asumir que no se puede agradar a todo el mundo y que los demás pueden enojarse y que no pasa nada en el mundo por ello. ” (http://www.

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Completely not anything. Being unmarried or dealing with divorce, separation or widowhood does not imply sadness. Singles--the most up-to-date, biggest and least understood minority in America--are mad as hell and they are not likely to take it anymore. Drawing on many facts and richly distinct case experiences, Maryam Jorjani proves that society's pressures and misconceptions of togetherness force many people to get married.

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A serioius social-psychological phenomenon is besetting American men: thousands of boys are refusing to develop into males. although they've got reached grownup age, the are not able to stand grownup emotions and obligations

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