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1. A learn and translation of the Tathagatagarbhasutra; 2. serious and diplomatic variants of the Tathagatagarbhasutra ; The variations [Tibetan and chinese language] contains vast biliographical references and index.

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36 The beneficial result is likened to living beings who become tathagatas and can perform buddha-acts for the good of other sentient beings. In the third simile of kernels enclosed by husks, the main emphasis lies on the obviously aberrant belief, as ChI puts it, that kernels in their husk have no use. The author is assured that every listener knows about the relation between kernels and husks in the case of cereals-on which the simile is based. It thus seems that in this illustration the author wanted to stress the commonness of the fact that buddhahood is found in all living beings (covered by defilements) and the normality of its manifestation.

Kiiya, iitmabhiiva or the like) when referring to the buddhas in the lotuses. Then, from OM onwards, the terminology in Tib shifts suddenly to gzugs (Skt. ). ) appears here for the first time in the. text to designate the tathligatas in the flowers. Parallel to this, 35 Whilst simile -lA contains the introductory fonnula rigs kyi bu dag 'di Ita ste dper na / (Skt. *tadyathapi nama kulaputral;), which is the common fonnulation applied in all other eight similes, in OM the introduction runs rigs kyi bu dag ji Itar.

This description serves rather to underscore the surprise and complete unexpectedness arising the moment the burned and ugly mold is replaced by a golden image from inside. The simile describes accurately and in detail this method of casting, which is still practiced among artisans in India and Nepa1. 1 The Term tathiigatagarbha As the summary of the similes above has revealed, the idea that all living beings have the buddha-nature is not illustrated in a completely homogeneous way. We should therefore try to grasp more clearly the conceptual elements which underlie the notion of this nature in the TGS and the relationship of the level of ordinary, still unrealized living beings to the level of a tathagata's perfect realization.

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