Download PDF by Julian Granberry: A Lexicon of Modern Mohegan: The Dialect of Jits Bodunaxa

By Julian Granberry

ISBN-10: 3895867640

ISBN-13: 9783895867644

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Source: Diary 2] wi noun (wi) lwil [whee] wheat (Der. English 'wheat') [Source: Diary 1] wibi particle (wi·'bi) lwibi/ [webe] only [Source : Noyes] wic- verb (wic-) /wic-1 [weech-] 1. laugh; 2. smile. Ex. wico [weechu] 'he laughs' [Source: Diary 1] wicina particle (wi·ci·'n a) lwicina/ [wichenah] when [Source: Diary 1; Noyes 'chewock'] wigatu- verb (wi·'ga· tu-) lwigat:r/ [wegatu-] to be done. Ex. wigatu [wegatuh] 'it is done' [Source: Diary l] wigo noun (wi·'go) /wigo/ [weegoh] house [Source: Noyes] wigo particle (wi·'go) /wig-o/ [wegoo] good (animate) [Source: Diary 1, Diary 2, Sermon, Tale] .

Wutug ayo [wutugayo] lw:Jt~a-y-o(wY 'it is wet'; wutug apa [wutugapa] w:Jt~a ­ pa/ 'it would be wet' [Source : Diary 1] wutugayo particle (wu·tu·ga·'yo) Diary 1] /w:t~ay-ol [wutugayo] wet [Source: X -x pronominal suffix (-x) 1-s/ [-sh] you (Imperative Order Intransitive) [Source: Diary 1, Sermon] xini particle (xi·ni') lsinil [shenee] that [Source: Diary 2] xkok noun (xkok) /skok/ [shkook] snake [Source : Diary 1; Stiles 'skoogs '] xkun noun (xkun) lsk:Jnl [shkun] bone; plural xkunx [shkunsh] [Source : Diary 1] xpuk noun (xpuk) /sp:id [shpuck] meat [Source: Diary I] xqua noun (xqua) lskwal [shquaw] 1.

Dyneley and Frank G. Speck 1903. The Modern Pequots and Their Language. American Anthropologist, vol. 5, pp. 193-212. 1904. Glossary of the Mohegan Language. American Anthropologist, vol. 6, pp. , Jr. 1975. "Resurrecting Virginia Algonquian from the Dead". In Studies in Southeastern Indian Languages, ed. by James M. Crawford. The University of Georgia Press, Athens. 1975, pp. 285-453. Speck, Frank G. 1904. A Modern Mohegan Text. American Anthropologist, vol. 6, pp. 469-476. 1928. Native Tribes and Dialects of Connecticut: A Mohegan Diary.

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